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Promenade Picks For Wednesday: Art, Music & Dance

Today’s theme is Art, Music & Dance.

Okay so how cool is this… you can literally get a FREE Zoom Dance Lesson with one of the certified dance instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios…this way when you eventually escape your quarantined broken marriage you can sweep somebody else off their feet.

Now if you’re the artistic type you can get 10% off of summer camp at The Art Academy Of Garden City

and then get 10% off all Art-To-Go products with free delivery from the Little Art Studio …total win, win.

Okay so maybe you draw like your hand is in a cast and dance like Jim Horn at the annual Casino sock hop, do not despair you can always try your hand at music lessons. The Long Island Studio of Music would like to offer New Clients 10% off Music Lessons Virtually or In Person (when it is deemed safe to do so).

And the Music Academy Foundation is offering waiving their registration fee for all new customers who enroll in Zoom lessons, a $39 value.

Okay so maybe you just want to get some pictures taken of yourself and your family. Well Ed Rotondo Photography is offering a special 'Virtual' Booking Discount of 20% on prints or pre-paid sittings when using code VIRTUAL. And get the whole family involved with help from Francesca Russell Photography & Films who has a FREE 14-page guide available on her website to teach you how to Create a Visual Time Capsule for Your Family During the Covid-19 pandemic.

And if none of that tickles your fancy you might be a lamp.

But a really swanky lamp.

Seeya tomorrow!



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