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Promenade Picks For Tuesday: Restaurants

Today’s theme is Restaurants & Eateries.

Thought I would cut to the chase and give you my top ten restaurant recommends….anyway here goes.

Capo Ristorante has different daily specials and today’s is my favorite. Because of course it’s Pasta Night…. choose from 8 kinds of pasta with bread and small salad $15 and if you wanna’ go family style for (6) pasta/house salad do it for $40.

All week long at Seventh Street Café they have family style trays that feed 6-8 people for $50. Oh and if you want to go al a carte what’s better than 20% off all items on that a la carte menu? Oh and free delivery…who loves ya?

At Food For Thought they’ve got an insane 20% off coupon for all of the chef’s specials. Go look at the menu here and then print the coupon here

The Smok-Haus has several packages that are 50% off this week. No that’s not barbecue sauce in your eye it really says 50% off. Click here to check those bad boys out.

Revel has the most ridiculous Price-Fix Family Style package that feeds up to 6 people for $98 and you can hit Door Dash up now and get that delivered. Check it out here.

Now Repeal went Virtual Promenade crazy and offered up three deals…The Burger Deal which involves four burgers (or Cheese Burgers), one order of Wings and one house salad $64.99

Sandwiches & Wraps Deal which includes two short ribbed grilled cheese sandwiches, 2 wraps (chicken caesar / buffalo chicken/veggie), one pretzel $59.99. And buy a $100 Gift Card, receive a $25.00 Gift card for free. (This promotion applies to cash transactions only).

Now what’s better than hanging out at Anthony’s Lucky Duck when the apocalypse is over? I’ll tell you what, picking up a $10 gift card for orders over $50 and $20 gift cards for orders over $100 for future use in their dining room.

Calogeros just re-opened last week with curbside pickup and delivery. ​ And they’re even offering a complimentary pint of Red or White Sangria with every 2 dinner entrees or pastas.

If you want to grab dinner and go to sleep with a clear conscience, go to Garden City Pizza, mention the Virtual Promenade and 20% of your purchase will be donated directly to our Meals for NYU Winthrop program.

And not to let dinner get all the fun, head over to Bagel Man and with every purchase of a $50 gift card will receive an extra $10 loaded onto it just like bagel overflowing with cream cheese but instead it’s store credit.

Anyway, happy eating my friends.

Seeya tomorrow.



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