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Comb It Forward

When you get your next haircut pay your hair stylist for the extra cut you missed because of the quarantine.

How It Works

Because of COVID-19 and the quarantine many barbers, hair stylist and people who keep us looking good lost out on months of their hard earned income. Many are small business owners themselves who are facing the ruin of their livelihood.

Now that the lockdown is being lifted we are asking you all to "Comb It Forward." It's very simple, to Comb It Forward, just when you get your first haircut we ask that you pay your barber/hair stylist for the haircut you missed because of the quarantine. For you this is a blip on your budget but for those that have served you loyally for years this could mean the difference between making ends meet and financial ruin.

Besides this is money you would have spent on that haircut anyway, and if we're being honest we all probably missed more than one of these haircuts so you'll still be ahead.

Commitment is a powerful thing, which is why we are asking you to click below to sign this petition on so that you can do right by those who have always done right by you.

Something you have the power to do.

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